A dental implant is simply an artificial root made of high-strength biocompatible ceramics or metals that heal and integrate with your body and act like a natural root. The process of inserting dental implants requires the tools and expertise of a qualified dental implants dentist in Colombia.

Dr. Andrés Arias is known as one of the best dental implants dentists in Colombia, with an education from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where he specialized in prosthodontics. Dr. Arias’s offices in Neiva and Medellin are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and a staff of highly-trained dental personnel who will ensure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.


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A dental implant is simply an artificial root made of ceramic or biocompatible metals of high resistance that when healing integrates with your body and acts as a natural root.

Anyone who has lost one or more teeth.

  • People with uncontrolled systemic diseases.
  • Patients who have consumed medications such as bisphosphonates or alendronates.
  • Patients who have received recent chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

It is always necessary to take X-rays and a CT scan of the area to be operated on. Additionally, it is very important to have a good medical history in order to order any additional complementary tests.

We work with Straumann implants, they are implants made in Switzerland. They are made of an alloy patented by them (Roxolid), which is an mixture of titanium and zirconium. They have a worldwide lifetime warranty.
Thanks to the surfaces that Straumann implants have, the healing process is faster and safer, guaranteeing the survival of the implant and the success of the treatment.

Implants have a 10-year success rate of more than 85%.
They are very safe elements as long as they are performed in suitable patients and by a professional.

Yes, it is very important to take care of your implants by attending check-ups with your specialist and with good hygiene. If you do not take care of them, they can get sick.

In most cases patients come out with temporary teeth the same day the surgery is performed. This will depend a lot on the bone quality of the area to be treated.

It is usually a painless procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia and medications such as NSAIDs and antibiotics are prescribed to manage pain and inflammation.

Generally it is not required, however it is recommended to rest and suspend physical activity for 8 days.

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