The south of Colombia is living a revolution never seen before. The balance between aesthetics and health is leading to new scientific advances in Latin America in the area of health, specifically in dentistry. This revolution has a name, a surname, and a doctor in front of it, I am talking about Dr. Andrés Arias.

The most beautiful thing about this revolution is the hands and passion behind it. Dr. Andrés is a dentist who specialized in prosthodontics, graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. On multiple occasions, he has mentioned what he likes the most about his work: restoring oral function, the aesthetics they deserve, and the confidence that patients who come to his offices should project. 

How does he achieve this? Let’s start by explaining prosthodontics. This is the part of dentistry that is responsible for restoring the capabilities of the mouth as well as its aesthetics. In order to achieve this, the doctor has taken his work to a very serious level and has decided to be a leader in technology in order to carry out these processes. From intraoral scanners to avoid the unpleasant sensation of conventional impressions, drills that don’t rattle, the infrastructure to apply digital dentistry, among many other things that create a unique experience. 

One of the things that set Dr. Andres’ dental office apart from the traditional ones is his consideration for patients. They intelligently manage the anxiety of the processes that dentistry can generate and move away from the conventional. From the visual, patients can watch the movies they want while being treated, listen to the music of their choice, choose the aromatherapy they want… in short, be as well cared for as their families do.

Dr. Andrés has brought something new to his hometown, Neiva, he has brought innovation with the latest processes in oral rehabilitation, accompanied with the best customer service that Colombia could have. He has also generated a new type of tourism for his city. Medical tourism in search of his services with a history of patients that every day has been expanding thanks to Dr. Arias. Of course, if I am here from overseas writing this article, I am anxious to be able to return to his office.

I am sure that Dr. Andres Arias will leave his mark in the history of dentistry because in the hearts of his patients he has already done so.

Bryan Townshend